NexPod Pro N149 | 4K UHD AI-Powered Video Conference Camera with Bluetooth
NexPod Pro N149 | 4K UHD AI-Powered Video Conference Camera with Bluetooth
NexPod Pro N149 | 4K UHD AI-Powered Video Conference Camera with Bluetooth

NexPod Pro N149 | 4K UHD AI-Powered Video Conference Camera with Bluetooth

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The video conference camera specifically designed for small teams of less than six people, with a wide 120° wide-angle, digital pan and mechanical tilt function, 4x high-definition digital zoom and clear and subtle optical effects can make all participants in the room at a glance. The NexPod N149 adopts an integrated design and is equipped with a built-in battery, which can easily accompany you on the go all the way. N149 is in small size with a diameter of only 75 mm, which is very suitable for home offices and small rooms. With N149, you can also use USB and Bluetooth mobile speakers to make excellent audio calls. Really 360° full azimuth sound effect allows users to talk smoothly within a diameter of 3 meters, while echo cancellation and noise reduction technologies bring such immersive sound effects.


  • Auto-tracking and auto-framing technologies enable every meeting participant to make sure everyone is clearly visible with the best image quality.
  • Built-in full-duplex speaker and beamforming microphone array. All meeting members can make clear videos and audios even if they are 16 fts (5 meters) away.
  • Portable full-function design: The device is very convenient to use and set up. It helps to show the full charm of the video conferencing solution and is fully qualified for various workplaces.
  • Experience enterprise video: Nexvoo N149 video conference camera provides enterprise-level video functions with a USB solution. According to the participants in the conference room and their location, 4K cameras can automatically obtain the best image of the conference room, and automatically adjust the view when participants enter and exit the conference room to ensure that everyone is clearly visible and presents the best picture. The speaker tracking function can automatically locate the current speaker and present its close-up picture so that everyone knows who is speaking.
  • Multi-device connection: In your familiar application environment, you can conduct video conferences by connecting a laptop, PC or Mac.
  • Easy plug-and-play connection: Without special software, training or maintenance services, participating in a video conference has never been easier.
  • Bluetooth wireless connection: A connection can be quickly and easily established between any Bluetooth device and the N149.
  • Every speech in the meeting can be heard clearly: Thanks to the abundance of sound quality and precisely positioned microphone pickup function, it brings a clear sound quality experience to all participants. At the same time, acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technology can make the conversation as if in the same meeting room.
  • Suitable for most video conferencing applications: Users can freely choose desktop video conferencing applications according to their needs.
  • Rechargeable battery: Flexible choice, step into a new world without a power cord, when the battery is fully charged (charged via USB or AC power), it can support up to 3 hours of video conference or 15 hours of speakerphone calls.



  • Product size (H x W x D): 90ft x 24ft x 24ft (275.5mmx76mmx76mm)
  • Weight: 1lbs (581g)


  • 1 USB2.0 Type-C port (support USB3.0)
  • DC power interface
  • Kensington security lock
  • Bluetooth 4.2


  • Viewing angle (FOV): 120°
  • UHD 2160p (4K) capture resolution
  • Frame rate: 30 fps
  • Automatic group framing and speaker tracking function
  • 3F HDR> 120dB blacklight night vision full color
  • Video encoding: Smart H.265/H.264
  • 4x zoom/EPTZ
  • Mechanically adjustable inclination
  • Camera LED activity indicator
  • 2 camera preset positions


  • Support full-duplex call, echo cancellation and background
  • Noise suppression
  • Mute/unmute control
  • Microphone
  • -2-Beam Forming
  • -20Hz – 15kHz frequency response
  • -16 fts (5m) pickup distance
  • Single speaker, 5W
  • -100Hz – 16KHz frequency response
  • -Output = 85dB @ 0.5m

5) Warranty: 2 years

6) Certification: CE/FC/ROHS certified

    Package Include:

    • Nexvoo N149 video conference camera
    • Remote control (including 2 AAA batteries)
    • Power Adapter
    • 5ft (1.8m) USB2.0 cable (Type-C to Type-A)
    • 1* documentation